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DrDonk Final change for V1. Latest commit dcab Oct 22, Please note you may need to use macOS Unlocker version 3 to run on non-Apple hardware. Patching the firmware Windows open a command prompt and run: efi-windows. ROM - bit firmware 3. Using the firmware There are 3 preferred ways to use the firmware, by VM, by user or by host system.

For each option there are 2 possible entries dependign on whether you are installing a 32 or bit version of You will need to put the full filename for the patched files into the double quotes. Before doing this make sure the VM is powered down and VMware is not running. Per VM: Open the vmx file for the guest and add the relevant lines from above. Per User: Add the 2 lines to the user defaults file which can be found in the following paths.

You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.

Add executable files and patch.

efi unlocker

Oct 20, Windows test version. Fixed typo.It is worth to take a look, and you will get something from that. There is still no response. First, check the model and serial number of MacBook. Remove the lower case. And disconnect the battery. Locate the SAM Socket on the logic board. Connect the programmer with computer.

Install the unlock software. Tips: the MacBook should be turned off during the data reading process. Otherwise, the data reading process will fail. Get the MacBook power supplied with an external power source. Hold the power button to turn off the MacBook. The model of the EFI chip will be recognized automatically.

 MacBook Pro EFI unlock by SCBO 2018-2019 

Once done, erase the EFI password. Then, locate the password removed file on the computer. Tips: only the original EFI data works with the clearance of data password. Once done, detach the unlock tool. Connect the battery. There is no firmware lock on the interface. Turn off the MacBook. The USB flash drive can be recognized. The MacBook has been unlocked successfully.

Tips: All data remain the same after unlocking, no need for OS reinstallation. How to Choose Macbook Repair Guide. Facebook Twitter. Tags how to remove macbook lock how to remove macbook password locked macbook air macbook efi removal tool macbook unlock tool Unlock MacBook unlock macbook pin unlocking macbook air. Wayne Townsend.Only buy this if you have a CMIzapper Brutus already.

Quantity: 1 60 EURO. CMIzapper Brutus. It is incredibly easy to use. Just plug it in and forget about it.

How To Unlock MacBook By Removing EFI Password?

Once it has found the code it will let you know. Suitable for 4 digit and 6 digit PIN codes. Scanning all 4-digit codes takes up to 2 days. Sanning for a 6-digit code takes up to days. The Brutus will NOT find alphanumeric codes. It knows that it has found the code and will show it on it's LCD display. No baby-sitting the device or messing about with cameras.

Supports all models of Mac from to i.


Not suitable for with T2 chip. The CMIzapper Brutus has adjustable settings. This enables it to tackle all kinds of Macs, new and old. There are 5 DIP switches to set the options you want:. Running all the 4 digit codes takes about 2 days.

Running all the 6 digit codes takes days, so this is maybe less realistic But for those people willing to wait the option is there. Count up from or down from With the two buttons you can set a different starting point.

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Choose the timing options. Vary the delay between codes, or choose the auto-adjust timing for Macs that increase the delay slowly.

efi unlocker

A manual is supplied explaining how to use the CMIzapper Brutus and explaining the use of the switches. The CMIzapper Brutus is incredibly easy to use. Set the 5 DIP switches to an appropriate setting.Like much of the best software available on the Internet, the Kodi Medfia Server is a collaborative effort among many programmers all over the world.

efi unlocker

I have been fiddling with Kodi sinceand it has really come a long way. Above is a screenshot of a sample main screen. We always include extras with all of the services we provide, such as cleaning or replacement of missing screws or re-installing the operating system, including our custom OS build see below.

We are always available to address any questions or concerns you may have, or help you troubleshoot a problem. Support is always free. Making sure you, the customer, are completely satisfied is our number one goal. We have many repeat customers, and building relationships is what we do. As you can see below, the number of satisfied customers is substantial. Unlock your Apple computer. We can remove your EFI lock, firmware lock, iCloud lock or user account password, usually in one business day.

We also offer services designed to keep your Apple computer or the Apple computers you sell in great shape. Thank you for visiting. Unlock Services Click on any of the items below for more information opens in a separate window. Other Services Click on any of the items below for more information opens in a separate window. New Screen Repair Price Varies. To inquire about general repairs, or for any questions or concerns please click here.

Avast Malware protection for your Mac.

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Dock Clock A handy utility that puts a clock and calendar on your desktop. Final Cut Pro Professional video editing, color grading, and motion graphics on the Mac. Firefox The open source web browser. Flash Card Hero 30 day trial Create and study flashcards. Full Deck Solitare 69 different versions of Solitare, as well as other card games. Garage Band 11 Acknowledged to be the best version of the music software.

Apple iWeb Create web pages easily from other iLife media.We will continue to ship orders as usual generally within one business daybut delivery delays to the following countries due to COVID are to be expected.

The situation is constantly changing. We have no influence on this, and we cannot guarantee a time of delivery. We will update this list regularly. Mail and package delivery are not possible. At this time we do not know when the situation changes, nor can we tell you when routes reopen.

The situation changes per country. We have added two small push buttons to the bottom of the device to easily adjust the start PIN in case the attack has been interrupted and you want to continue where you left off. The new version also checks for bad USB cables and notifies the user if a charge-only cable without data leads is connected.

Starting with v2. It looks like they did a sweep through their entire database, since listings for all competing products have also been removed. We appreciate that you have selected eBay to list your item; however, please understand that you listed a mechanism that Unlocks, devices locked with a 4-digit PIN. It uses a brute-force method trying all possible PINs until discovering your lost code.

Click on the images below for a larger view: v2. So, as of today, our products are now only available for sale through this website. There are different versions available for the Bus Pirate v3. Category: ProductsToolsv3. Current time in The Netherlands:. Search for:. Fast shipment, Great communication.

Item exactly as described. Absolutely fantastic.! Thank you so much. Excellent product and fast shipping. No babysitting the Mac with this device! Just plug it in and come back two days later to see what the code is. Fast delivery. All good. Thank you! It works like a charm! As described,thanks. Great, Great Service. Good price quick post excellent service thanks. Eccelente in tutto assistenza prodotto e consegna veloce, il migliore efin pin blaster.

Thank you for everything! Thnx a lot works great.Have you ever locked yourself out of your Mac or forgotten your password? Are you locked out of your Mac after the hard drive has failed? Did you buy a second hand Mac online and suddenly your computer shows a ransom message and asks for a 4-digit or 6-digit PIN?

It uses a brute-force method trying all possible PINs. To unlock and re-activate these Macs you will also need the password for an existing administrator account on that Mac. This new and improved version is set-and-forget! It recognizes when the correct PIN has been found, so there is no need to set a camera or check the progress regularly. We have added an option to use a small dictionary with the most commonly used PINs. When enabled, the dictionary attack is tried first before the normal incremental brute-force attack, to help speed up the recovery of the lost PIN.

There are 4 DIP-switches to configure the operation mode of the device, and two small buttons on the bottom side to set the start PIN.

Update 2: Starting with v2. Unfortunately, there is no way around this. Current time in The Netherlands:. Search for:. Will do business with again.

Thnx a lot works great. Got the right key!!!!

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Perfect trusted seller, can't ask for more. Works like a charm Exellent service, would highly recommend. Good product, fast delivery thanks! EBay excellence. It's all I need to say. Fantastic seller!! No complaints here. It isn't the cheapest EFI pin hacking tool out there, but it absolutely works quickly and hassle-free.

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Updated EFI Chip Free Removal Unlock Tool

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