Basketball summer workout pdf

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Early Season Late Season Floor Diagrams Free Newsletter Developing Skills Shooting Jump Shot Driving Lay-up A typical summer or off-season workout for the basketball post player Bob Knight once stated, "Our spring practice begins when the last game ends. It would pay you to read a few of his books and articles.

You often hear, "Basketball players are made in the summer, but basketball teams are made in the winter. Your players must be in top physical condition if you expect the best possible team during a season.

In order to reach this plateau, most coaches require a year-around conditioning of their players. The best players will never get out of condition. Like Knight, most successful coaches require their athletes to work as hard in the summer as they do during the regular basketball season; therefore, they set up off-season as well as in-season conditioning programs.

Here is an off-season workout that has a proven record, particularly for low-post players. Back inthe Indiana High School Athletic Association had strict rules against out-of-season contact between player and coach. Upon leaving the position of "travelling secretary" of the Evansville Thunder CBA team, we served an old friend, Rich Risemas as a volunteer assistant at F. During our stint at the professional level, and with the help of Coach Roger Brown, we compiled drills and off-season workout for Thunder veterans.

Coach Risemas had a talented group of youngsters who participated in AAU and a Summer League play during their off-season. If you have been around these activities any length of time, you know that teamwork generally takes a vacation, too.

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You see a lot of one-on-one because the stars want to showboat their talents to big-name college coaches present at all tournaments. We saw a need to help these high school youngsters understand the differences in AAU, Summer Leagues and high school competition.

This gave birth to our "Summer Manual For the Basketball Gym Rat" which we distributed to all "Tiger" players that would return next fall.

These players carried the manual with them on their AAU journeys and even shared it with teammates. We don't claim this to be the reason for the Tiger's success during the season when they came within 3 victories of becoming Indiana State Champions, but undoubtedly it played a small part.Growing up, I was a gym rat and felt like I had to shoot a minimum of shots every single day.

Although shots was my minimum, there were many days where I would shoot well over 1, shots, and I would have all of them documented. I can remember going to visit my grandparents in San Antonio when I was in high school, and begging my parents to drive me around until they found an outdoor court for me to shoot on for an hour.

basketball summer workout pdf

Back when I played, none of the players at UT Arlington took summer classes unless they had to so I would go back home to Garland to live with my family. Forget about cooking or cleaning, I was looking for someone that rebounded with the tenacity of Dennis Rodman, and I found that in my wife, even though she had tons of other redeeming qualities, including being very attractive.

basketball summer workout pdf

Since I have been the head coach at UT Arlington, I have challenged our players to shoot at least 10, shots a month, which is a little more than a day. I can promise you that all of our best shooters have shot at least 10, a month almost every single month. We do use practice time to do this, but we encourage them to shoot on their own, in a similar manner, in an effort to shoot 10, game-like shots each month. By charting shots on a weekly basis, we can tell if a player is or is not improving.

We can also rank them by shooting percentages to make it even more competitive. Nobody likes seeing their name at the bottom of a list. I did design these workouts to fit our offensive system, so you might want to tweak it if you run a different system. The shots in these workout are the shots that our players will most likely see in our offensive system.

However, I do think that your players would benefit from this workout, even if you run a different system. I think the important aspects of becoming a better shooter are: repetition, consistency, and tracking. I believe that when every shot is being tracked, and when players are being ranked by shooting percentages, it puts a little bit of game pressure on them while they are shooting their shots.

I also believe that players that are at the bottom of the list will not want to stay there if they have an ounce of competitiveness in their body. Therefore, they are going to get in the gym and work even harder so they can not get left behind. When you shoot game shots and track them, and you shoot them on a consistent basis, you cannot help but become a better shooter. Leave this field empty. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email.The following minute workout should be preformed three days a week. Developing confidence, coordination, strength, timing, and stamina is the athlete's main focus throughout the workout. If it is made, passer will rebound for you. Rest one minute and repeat, three sets. Shoot with in your range; vary spots. Begin picking up one ball and shoot a power lay-up.

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Your partner will rebound and put ball back on the line. You will get the other ball and shoot another power lay-up. Your rebounder will get that ball and put it back on the line. Go 30 second and rest 30 seconds.

Repeat three sets. Shoot for one minute and keep up with the buckets you make and add up your score. Keep up with your best score. You must dribble as you go to each spot-can't run with the ball.

Three sets--one minute each. Repeat to other side. Try to use only one dribble out and one dribble back Begin baseline, sprint to nearest free throw line and back to base line, then to court and back to baseline, then to the opposite free throw line and back, now to the opposite baseline and back.

Under 30 seconds is great If is takes you more than that, rest until one minute is up. Remember, you want to complete five in five minutes. In addition to presentations from expert guest speakers, attendees of the USA Basketball Women in the Game conference also experienced breakout sessions and small group discussions between speakers and attendees. In these uncertain times, parents of student athletes are tasked not just with keeping kids safe and educated, but also with taking care of their physical and mental wellness.

Coaches from all levels explain how they change their practice approach late in the season and in regard to playoffs. Seven coaches from all levels explain the best and worst advice they have received about coaching.

Forgot Password? Kemba Walker. Donovan Mitchell. Jayson Tatum. Featured Articles. Just the Facts: Olympic Men's Basketball. Elena Delle Donne. Nnemkadi Ogwumike. Skylar Diggins-Smith. Robbie Hummel. Sabrina Ionescu. Kareem Maddox.Check out these basketball training drills given to us by proven coaches with years of experience at the high school, Div I college, and NBA level. Many of the basketball drills can be done by yourself, but there are a few that you need a partner to perform the basketball drill.

Coachesclick on Basketball Drills For Coaches for drills that apply to you. Too many players make the mistake of starting the basketball drill and just running through the motions. To get better, each basketball drill needs to have a purpose and you really need to focus and work hard to improve. We urge you to take the time to learn the detailed fundamentals of basketball. And then run the drills to train your body to perform those fundamentals without even thinking about it.

You'll notice that we tried to categorize the drills for you, but many of the drills here are multi-purpose which means they work on other skills as well. A ballhandling drill may include footwork and passing. A shooting drill may include conditioning. The multipurpose format helps to simulate gameplay and is time efficient to get the most out of the skill work. Kevin Durant Shooting Workout and Drills. Dynamic Warm Up. Videos from app with ballhandling drills. If you are training with a partner or by yourself, here are some great ways to organize your shooting drills to maximize efficiency and to make the drills as game-like as possible.

That way, you actually shoot better during games instead of just during practice! You also learn a great way to practice game-like reactions that are random without a defender. Just like a game, the repetition changes each time on whether to shoot, attack, or pass. Many players make the mistake of practicing all of their partner shooting drills with one rebounder under the basket who continuously rebounds and throws the pass back out.

There is certainly a time and place for this. How many times during the game do you receive passes from many different locations on the floor? Probably a lot.Intense drilling addressing all the necessary skills needed to improve. Detailed instruction from some of the best trainers in the game.

Speed, quickness, and agility training. Body control and balance work all designed with a basketball player in mind. The program will show you what it really takes to get the most out of your talents and how hard you need to push yourself to get there. All athletes will be educated on the proper nutrition necessary to perform at their highest levels.

Students will stay at comfortable Impact housing with staff members and are supervised at all times. Las Vegas, NV Our Summer Training Camps will provide students the tools to be able to improve their fundamental skills as well as all areas of their athletic performance.

Prices subject to change without notice. Impact makes use of its Academy's year-long leased and furnished apartments which are very student-athlete friendly and well supervised. Limited to 45 Players per week. Upgrades available including uniform and meal plans. Intense skill work and performance training.

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Programs addressing individual weaknesses. Pro intensity and focus for each player. Experience that will change the way young players approach their training. Read Parent Reviews. How Much?

basketball summer workout pdf

A non-refundable deposit is required for ALL campers in order to reserve their training slot. Registration Form PDF.Note that the repetitions and sets for this workout is just a sample.

The reps and sets for each exercise should be adjusted for an individual player's skill level, age level, strengths, and weaknesses. Knee-to-wall touches - 3x each way. Leg swings - 10 each leg. Reaches - Up, Side, Rotate - 3 each arm. Toes walks - Distance is half of the court. Heel walks - Distance is half of the court. Lunge matrix with reaches - Lunge forward, side, and rotate back. Do this sequence with an upward reach, foot reach, and reach to the opposite side of the stepping leg.

Squat matrix - 3x each stance.

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Stances: Normal, narrow, wide, stagger right, stagger left, toes in, toes out. Jump matrix - One foot - side to side, front to back, rotational. One leg reaches - leg driver - forward, side, rotate Crab crawl - Distance is half of the court. Circle shuffle - facing in, facing out. High knee carioca - Half court and back. Crossover skip - Half court and back. Forwards and backwards.

Push up to sprint - Sprint through half court. Mirror drill - 3 reps for each partner. Tuck jumps - 2 sets of Steve Nash Passing - 15 to 20 seconds for each variation. Mikans - 10 makes in a row for each variation. Set position "smooth" shooting - 25 makes - 8 feet away. Kevin Durant Shooting Series - 3 Shots each progression.

Wing to Wing Shooting : Jump Shots - 10 shots. Do this on each side. Make 30 Free Throws Static stretching series - Key areas to target - calves, hips, pecs, lats, and upper back. Thanks for the off season workout guide and information. I will give my players a guide as well as the sample workout so that they can build something off this foundation. Great tips and thanks again. Diagram and video together is real great.Our training camp experience is something that will completely change the way young players prepare and train.

Our entire staff is committed to pushing each player to the next level, whatever that level may be, through an intense and detailed approach to training and playing the game.

After 23 years of developing the best players in the world, we are confident that what we do…. Impact Basketball has been providing the premier training program in the world to players just like you for over 20 years.

This is not just another camp, this is training designed to change your game and change the way you train!

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Our training focuses on improving player weaknesses, honing strengths, and conditioning athletes to perform at their peak throughout their season. With 45 players maximum per week at camp, we focus on small group training to enhance the training experience. Our staff takes pride in helping you reach your maximum potential and pushing you to new heights.

Our staff's experience from high school through the NBA allows us to have a perspective that is second to none when it comes to helping you improve. Our goal is to make you the best player you can be next season!

As soon as my boys are old enough, I will have them at Impact camp the whole summer. It is the ideal training situation for young players.

And I loved helping the campers. The attention to detail at Impact was far beyond my wildest expectations.

My son was coached and pushed in a way that makes Impact a must for us every summer. My son saw an entirely new side to basketball at Impact. He was thrilled when he got to see NBA players going through a similar workout.

100 Basketball Training Drills For Players

Getting to see how hard the pros were working shaped my son's outlook for this upcoming season. Thank you Impact!

I was worried my inexperienced son would be overwhelmed. They know just how to coach players of every skill level and experience. The coaches made sure he was engaged and learning at all times. He loves the game more than ever now! Our camps. Read more. Strength and conditioning sessions with our certified coaches. Nutritional training designed specifically for the needs of today's athletes powered by Herbalife.

Position specific work designed to help take your game to the next level, whatever that is for you - making varsity, playing in college, or even beyond! Evaluation emailed home to parents and players after the conclusion of camp.

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